Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scrapfest 4

Last Saturday, I attended Scrapfest 4. This was just my 2nd time (the first time was Scrapfest 1). I promised myself that I will spend this time just scrapping (& some shopping!) and not as a supplier. I wanted to ENJOY the day meeting fellow scrapbookers who I just know by names through our e-groups. Some of them I know personally but most I haven't met. And true enough, I had a wonderful time scrapping the day away.

Nice venue, good food, lots of suppliers with the latest goodies, goody bag from generous sponsors, lots of women who share the same passion. Scrappin Moms really did a GREAT JOB in organizing this event.

was not able to get to have some chit-chat with most of them because we were all busy working on the mini book workshop and the layout challenge but I was able to enjoy the company of Jona, Celeste & Marjel, the latter is an expat from the Netherlands. My migraine has been bugging me the day before. I forgot to bring my medicine but only have my muscle relaxant med (for my C-spine). Its my only hope so I can really enjoy and participate in the workshop and challenge. But after the mini book workshop, I was exhausted and I felt like my brain couldn't think anymore. Plus, with the "my-not-so-cheerful-colors" of papers I got from the kit combined with my not-so-clear picture (i just converted it to B&W but did not adjust the levels so it was kinda dark), I decided I will just eat my snack and not join the challenge. I couldn't think of a design for my layout...nothing really comes out....

So, it was a 1 hour 15-minute challenge. The first half-an-hour, I just sat there, ate my snack and look around my seatmates. I told myself, "just enjoy the day, don't pressure myself, just play". But then after I finished my snack, I couldn't help but do something...seeing my seatmates busy working on their layouts, I convinced myself to try. At least, just have fun and PLAY! And so I did! Then ideas started to pop... a bit of paper here, some paint there, add some blings, journal! Whoa! I'm done! I'm happy and that's what matters. I finally put into writing my thoughts about my picture. These thoughts I had even before the challenge only I have a lot of excuses not to scrap it but instead, my family's pictures.

I didn't expect that I'll get the 3rd place for advanced division. Everyone made a beautiful layouts! When I saw theirs, I wanted to get my entry and submit to the beginners' division! I felt mine was so simple, not much techniques (was there??!) but on the other hand, I'm happy I finished my layout and I've said my piece. When Liza called my name, it took a few seconds to sink in...but I am thankful for the judges who "looked into" my layout. For I made it not to win challenge, but to express the thoughts I have in my mind these days and a reminder of the path I have yet to take....


This is all I can say if I'd be asked about my shining moment! This picture reminds me (from) of everything that I've been through in life. And yes, I've come a long way. I see myself as a traveler in life's journeys... my journey - and that I have a long road ahead of me. Each day brings new challenges and everytime I go through them - I may succeed or fail - but the fact that I get up and face each new day with hope and courage, for me, that is my shining moment. Long way from the past, long way ahead, easy or difficult, good or bad times, this picture will always remind me to move forward!

** Will finally get post my Scrappin Moms' Idol Contest entries. Will upload it tomorrow. Have to finish some "real" work here. :)

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