Monday, October 15, 2007


Last August, I stumbled upon a website about the environment - The Blog Action Day. Bloggers are encouraged to post a topic about the environment- whatever they want to discuss, off-topic or not. And since I am into handmade papers, I guess I have to do my part in educating people regarding the effects of using handmade papers to our environment & our people.

A big part of my passion using handmade paper invitations & other paper products is knowing that the medium I am using does not come from trees. It is actually called a tree-free paper. And we know that here in our country, deforestation is at an alarming rate. And we can see the effect of this when we have floods all over the cities & provinces when it rains (not even typhoon!)

Our Philippine handmade papers come from Abaca fibers, Cogon grasses (which is actually a waste grass) and other plants & fibers locally available. By not using trees to make papers, we help conserve them and this is what I always tell my clients. Somehow, many of them are clueless as to where handmade papers really come from. At least I get to share with them the reason why I am pursuing to promote our handmade papers.

Commercial papers are made from trees, if not 100%, at least some of them have some "post-consumer" components (from recycled papers), but STILL they have TREES as their "ingredient". It is my hope that soon paper manufacturers will only use recycled papers and/or natural fibers (except trees) so we will not bald mountains & flashfloods.

By the way, handmade papers are different from recycled papers. At least our handmade papers come from different fibers but not from used papers. When we say handmade, the process is done by hand, sheet per sheet, with the use of mould and deckle, hand-embedded with flowers, leaves, capiz & other components. Whereas recycled paper comes from used papers and mostly machine-processed.


The process of making our handmade papers are done without sacrificing the environment. No chemicals are used to harm the environment and there is a proper waste disposal. This is what differentiates it from machine-processed papers.

From former fisherfolks, the people who make our wonderful papers are now earning regularly (and fairly) making papers. Even the housewives are able to work as pressed flower designers in the comforts of their home while looking after the children.
We hope to continue operating as a socially responsible and harmonious business group that produces ecologically friendly and globally competitive handmade paper and related handicrafts. It is our vision to continuously pursue efforts for the improvement of the Filipino people within the framework of sustainable development.

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Anonymous said...

bravo! this is why i've chosen you as my invitation supplier. i love the philosophy behind your business, and i fully support the good work you do for the community and the environment. and of course, i think the creativity that shows in your workmanship is excellent. well done!