Friday, October 05, 2007

Overcoming water[color pencils]...

I recently bought a set of watercolor pencils. I've been wanting to try it a few years back (I used to paint in watercolor) but what keeps me from buying it is that I don't like color pencils! It takes so much time and hand effort to color a single area! My wrist just cannot take the long repetitive process of shading anymore. But when I saw some layouts using it, I thought, hey, maybe I can try it, even for once. Anyway, I have my DD who's very much willing to use it since she's in color pencils since she was 3.

So I just grabbed a single photo of my DD, drew some flowers & swirls and just outlined them with watercolor pencils. I then used a fine tip paintbrush with a little bit of water. Whoa! I like it! :) I'm sure my DD will love it to bits! :) Its not as messy as watercolors and you can achieve different levels of shading in an area. And the finish product - much like a real watercolor art!

This is an 8"x8" layout. Just simple but with all the hopes and wishes for my Darling Daughter and a remembrance of her Mommy's first try at watercolor pencil! :)

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